The endeavor of EngQuest is to facilitate collaborative research between institutions around the world.

About EngQuest

EngQuest is a classic case of what in Etymology would have been known as ‘backformation’. When the international conference on ESL/EFL, ‘Confluence’, started in 2010, it was a small event easily containable within the organizational capabilities of Tulsiramji Gaikwad Patil College of Engineering and Technology. By 2013, it was apparent that the event was too big and its allied activities too time consuming to be handled by TGPCET staff alone. Organizer of Confluence, Anjali Patil-Gaikwad, then took the decision of starting an English teachers’ network that would take upon itself the responsibility of Confluence and its allied activities. It was thus that EngQuest, the banner under which Confluence is now held, was born after the event was established.