Our Activities

Confluence has been the primary activity of EngQuest; however, it was apparent at Confluence V that a large number of professionals in the ESL/EFL field would be interested in research activities if more of them could be held under the banner of EngQuest. Thus, the focus will undergo a shift in 2014 and several small research projects will be undertaken to begin with. It will be the endeavor of EngQuest to facilitate collaborative research between institutions around the world.

Allied Activities:

• One of our first allied activities was the launching of The Confluence Journal. The link to this is found on the website of Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering and Technology. The journal bearing the ISSN 2250-138X, is edited by Dr. Anjali Patil-Gaikwad.

• As Confluence grew in size and stature, it started getting some excellent papers of international standard. At this point, it was decided that a peer reviewed journal that would publish these papers should be launched. The resultant The Journal for ESL Teachers and Learners was first published in 2012. It bears the ISSN 2320-7140 and is also edited by Dr. Anjali Patil-Gaikwad. In addition, the Editorial Board also boasts of
    o Dr. Ishrat Suri, Dar-el-Hekma College, Saudi Arabia
    o Dr. Shoma Sen, Post Graduate Teaching Department, Nagpur University, India
    o Dr. Afsaneh Amini, Dar-el-Hekma College of Saudi Arabia
    o Mouhamad Mouhanna, UAE University, UAE
    o Dr. Do Ba Quy, Vietnam National University, Vietnam
    o Dr. Karthik Panicker, J.M. Patel College, Bhandara, India